Are you a solo artist needing a little extra musical input for a song or album, or a band who wants to add a touch of something different.  We can provide tailor-made pieces of composition to suit your needs.

Our in-house specialist composers, sequencers and programmers have all the skills and connections necessary for editing existing music, combining existing samples and loops with original compositions.  We can also create a completely new piece of music to suit your requirements.

Covering all genres of music from Indie to Dubstep, Rock to Classical and world music we can provide the right piece of music for your needs.

Our extensive knowledge of copyright law enables us to ensure any existing samples are edited or incorporated with no risk of infringements, giving you complete peace of mind.  Alternatively, we also have a selection of copyright-free music available for immediate use.

Prices for our composition services reflect the amount of work required, and will therefore vary for each project.  Prices do not include the purchase of any music outside of our own library, or any required royalties.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.


You understand   Soul
Dancing Song   Rock
Turning Point   Acoustic
Car Wreck   Blues
Rising on Thermals   Jazz
The Distance   Folk