Recording at One Nation Studios means that you are able to put your music forward to be on Radio Plus’ play list. Interviews are also available with our co-located partners.


Ever wanted to play live on the radio? At One Nation Studios you also have the unique opportunity to play live on the radio free of charge. We’ll give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience with professional studio support.

Come and set up ready to play 3 or 4 of your own songs in our fantastic sounding Live Room.

Live Radio Band

We give you a great studio sound from our professional studio’s control room, so you get to sound your best.

Radio Sessions Control Room

You will then be interview and play your songs live on air.

Band Facing DJs

The DJs at Radio Plus will be able to see you through the soundproof glass. They interview you and broadcast your songs to the masses!

Broadcast Room

We then give you a great mix of the show so that any of your fans that missed the live show can listen again – that’s right – you get a free recording!

Radio Control Room

Please apply for a Liveroom session by sending a MP3 of your music to