James Cannock

James Cannock is a key member of our staff at One Nation Studios.  He is a pro studio engineer and independent producer who started One Nation Studios in his hometown in the UK. In late 2005 he moved to a recording facility set in a large art gallery in the centre of Leamington, catering both to larger labels and independent artists. His clients have included a list of exciting new artists, actors and songwriters. Among them David Freeman the writer of No.1 Hit song ‘No more I love You’s.’ James is also a session percussion player and bass player who heads up the popular Global Funk band One Nation, having supported the likes of Radio 1’s Gilles Petersen and Coldcut he is at home on the stage as he is in the studio. His passion is production work, live music, musicianship and he specialises in world music, funk, Latin, jazz, rock, electronica and neo soul. His clients include Ze, [dweeb], One Nation, David Freeman, Barry Fitzgerald, Jess Oyelowo and The Pinch. Having began as a touring and recording musician, he now specialises in producing songs and albums for clients in the UK. His music is also used by film-makers that make documentaries for the BBC and the UK Film Council. James is actively involved in the music community and is helping to support the growth and prosperity of the Midlands music scene by promoting live music events in his local area. This is what pro-mastering engineers have said of James’ mixes; My impression after listening to your mixes is very good. They are well balanced and should produce very good masters. I would put them in the top 20% of indie mixes that come to my lab. Actually many professional studios here in Los Angeles could be put to shame by your mixes. Art Mastering (USA) The song is perfect. We will have no problem with the mastering. By the way, what a beautiful song!! Your music is amazing in its ability to transform my perceptions..... each with a unique effect on the senses. Earle Holder - PUBLIC ENEMY Hdqtrz Digital Mastering Studios

John Wilson

John has over fifteen years of professional experience in production, recording, mixing and mastering. A passionate musician himself, John started his career by playing in rock, funk, folk and punk bands, but quickly moved on to further his creative initiatives by writing and recording original material. Now, having worked with a huge range of artists across the full spectrum of genres – from jazz to folk, to punk and even opera - and taught courses in music technology and instruments, John’s rich and varied background provides a vast knowledge base to call on when helping to craft and shape your music. The combination of John’s technical expertise, the extensive scope of his experience, and his personal perspective allows him to approach each artist he works with in a completely holistic way. Working with him, you can expect him to create an open dialogue in which he gains a full understanding of your passions, preferences and influences. Then, taking this insight on board, he will advise you appropriately, and ensure your music is tailored to achieve the successful fruition of your ideas.

Dan Clark

Dan Clark studied for 3 years at Nexus Institute of Creative Arts and then completed a music performance degree at Coventry University. Since 2013, my playing has taken me all of the world working as a performer, musical director, producer and teacher. Including  live performances and product demonstrations at the NAMM show, LA and Musikmesse, Germany for NORD Keyboards and work in Dubai and Dallas – all of which I have been privileged to do with some of my best friends in the industry. I also work as a producer and musical director and love the creative process of working taking an initial song and creating the complete sound and arrangement. I also create backing tracks that are ready for professional live performance and advise on incorporating music technology into a live show.